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  ActiveTarget FAQs and Demo Scripts
  1. Why is ActiveTarget more reliable compared to the ordinary way?
  a. Traditional and most ways to find countries of visitors
Most tools or log analysis reports showing hits by top level domain, whilst looking impressive, are of no real value. More than 50% of your hits can be shown as being unresolvable, or from the generic .COM, .NET, .ORG or .INT domains. Even those which come from country code top level domains need not be located in the associated country.

b. New ActiveTarget's Way
ActiveTarget has an IP address mapping database built in. The database contains the ip addresses assignment details in about 200 countries in the world, which comes directly from Internet registries organizations, but only after our careful merger and optimization, then makes it possible to quickly find an internet user's real geographical location.

  2. How about ActiveTarget's updates policy?
  We update ActiveTarget internal IP-country database monthly. The updates are free for a full year from the date of ActiveTarget component purchase. Update is easy and doesn't require restarting your web server or IIS. After a full year, if you still need to get the monthly IP-country database update, you may purchase an annual subscription of IP-Country database update.
  3. How about ActiveTarget's accuracy and coverage?
  Currently, ActiveTarget reaches 97% or above accuracy and covers 246 countries in the world. The ip-country database is being updated monthly.
  4. What can I get from an ip address?
  ActiveTarget can return two-letter ISO country codes like "UK", "US", "CA" etc. or full country name like "United States", "Japan" etc.
  5. What's the difference between the evaluation version and the full version?
  ActiveTarget evalution version has 1000 querys limit. Full version is no limit. Also If you decide to purchase ActiveTarget, upgrading from evaluation version to full version you only need to order a license key then insert it into your script. No need to reinstall your component or restart your web server or IIS.
  6. Does ActiveTarget need to connect to the ActiveTarget server or other Internet servers.
  No, ActiveTarget's IP-country database is on your own server.
  7. How about ActiveTarget's pricing?
  ActiveTarget detailed pricing information could be found here.
  8. How can I order ActiveTarget?
  You can order ActiveTarget online with a credit card, check, phone or fax. License key (registration key) will be delivered to you via email in 24 hours.
  9. Is there any ASP script demo to use the component?
  Some ActiveTarget component usage samples could be found here.
  More technical questions, feel free to contact our support team.

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