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  ActiveTarget - Key Features
  ActiveTarget is Accurate, Fast, Stable and Easy to use.
  1. Accurate
  97% or above accuracy. Internal database directly from Internet registries organizations (ARIN, APNIC, RIPE), which control and manage the allocation of all the ip addresses in the world. Most other tools use "reverse DNS lookup" technology to generate geographical information, which is both time consuming and inaccurate.
  2. Fast
  ActiveTarget's ip-country database is highly optimized and built with the component. Every query will be processed on your server and no external internet connections or queries required. The database is loaded into memory and indexed when startup, only takes about 3MB memory.
  3. Stable
  ActiveTarget is tested and used in hundreds of Internet servers. Some of our clients have more than 300,000 unique visitors daily. Even under high load server, it proves to be very stable and work properly.
  4. Easy to use
  Installation and usage are both very easy. Simply pass an ip address, it will return country code (e.g. US, UK, CA) or full country name(e.g. United States). Even more, it can extract the visitors' ip address and return country code directly.
  Technical Coverage
  Countries: 246 [Full Country List]
  IP address: covers 98% or above allocated ip addresses. Updated monthly.
  Benchmark: 42,000 queries in one second (PC with one PIII 600mhz CPU, 64MB RAM)

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